Title: The Brightness of Public Lighting Has A Major Impact on The Quality of Life of Residents
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Blog Entry: Brightness Different categories of residential streets and traffic lanes require different levels of lighting suitable for location needs. Australia's public lighting (classicledlight) design standards can guide engineers on how to design the minimum illumination required. Projecting more light on the street than necessary is not necessarily safer for road users and certainly not more comfortable for pedestrians or residents. Unfortunately, all the streets in Brisbane's 17 public lighting test streets are much brighter than the adjacent streets. If this is deliberate and exceeds Australia's minimum standards, it raises concerns that the widespread over-brightness of public lighting in Brisbane may have a significant impact on the quality of life of residents. More light is not necessarily better. distribution The extent to which the public lighting is properly guided and the light is included in the target area. Being a public road and a sidewalk is low-pressure next issue to consider. Public lighting can be better than older lighting techniques because they can be designed to project a precisely oriented light pattern onto a target area. Click Led Public lighting to learn about more information.