Title: Factors That May Affect Solar Led Street Light(һ)
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Blog Entry: There are many different factors to consider when installing a Solar led street light (Classic). Not many people know all the considerations needed, but here are some of the lesser-known factors that can ease the pressure on the specification process. With this information, you can not only create better specifications but also ensure that solar energy is right for your application. Traffic time What is the main traffic time on the street? Has the traffic become small after a while? When does the traffic rise again? If there is almost no traffic between 1 am and 5 am, and there is no safety issue to reduce lamp power to save energy, you can use adaptive lighting technology. This can reduce the wattage of the luminaire over a certain period of time, thus reducing the size of the solar energy required to operate the luminaire overnight. This can reduce overall project costs. If night traffic is stable, such as on a major road, adaptive lighting should not be used. Before looking for lighting options, be sure to conduct a thorough analysis of the traffic patterns and usage in the area. Adaptive lighting technology is best suited for rural or residential areas. Shadow Are the trees covered by the main road? Solar energy requires direct sunlight to charge the battery that operates the luminaire at night. Future operation problems will be prevented by ensuring that the lamp will not be installed under the lamp cover. If the solar led street light needs to be installed under the tree, the solar energy can be remotely installed in a sunny area to keep the light pattern even. Other options include trimming trees, installing poles that are taller than trees, or a combination of the two. Click Led street lights Manufacturers to learn about more information.