Title: Elevator Manufacturers Share How Elevators Are Installed
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Blog Entry: Elevator Manufacturers Share What Is A Touchpad The current mainstream door system is a frequency conversion door system. Of course, the names of various brands are not the same, but they are basically the same. The most important thing to pay attention to in the procurement process is whether to choose the light curtain or the touch panel. 1. First, what is the touchpad? The touch panel is between the elevator hall door and another protruding inner panel. If the touch panel is squeezed when the elevator is closed, the elevator hall door will automatically reopen. The touch panel was invented earlier, belonging to the old technology. The previous elevators used touch panels. The disadvantage is that there are some touch panels. If the strength is not adjusted, the clips will be very painful. The newer process of the light curtain than the touch panel is to release a number of infrared beams inside the hall door. If the beam on the left side of the door and the light beam on the right side of the door are not opposite, the hall door will remain open. However, be careful when purchasing: the more light curtains, the safer, and of course the higher the price. When preparing the bidding documents, you should at least specify the minimum light curtain harness you need. 2. Qualification permit for elevator production, installation, and maintenance First of all, the installation of the elevator has the qualifications issued by the competent construction department. But in addition, the production of elevators requires: special equipment manufacturing license, divided into ABC level 3, the detailed list attached to the certificate will detail the maximum speed of the elevator that the company is allowed to produce. Elevator installation and maintenance need qualification: special equipment installation and renovation maintenance permit, the issuing department is also the AQSIQ, also divided into ABC third. In addition, companies also need to have: safety production licenses, national industrial product production licenses, and so on. In addition, elevators of the same brand may have many agents in the same city. When bidding, you need to indicate that you need to: the manufacturer personally bid, the regional agent bid, or the agent with a single project authorization. If the scale is large or the project has a large impact, the manufacturer can be directly invited, and there is also an agent that can act on several brands at the same time so that it is also a matter of choice. But basically, manufacturers and big agents can get a lower price.