Title: Path of Exile Gamebook: The Lord's Labyrinth
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Blog Entry: For the players of the Path of Exile, the next supporter package will include the Path of Exile Gamebook. This book will be an update that is worth looking forward to. The developers of the Path of Exile always seem to be not satisfied with the current This state, constantly adding new and more innovative content to the game, more interesting things, this reflects the deep content is that the Path of Exile has been devoted to the player's perspective, will be You bring more information, Buy POE Currency , POE Orbs and other POE items, please look for us. The Lord’s Labyrinth is a book that "choose your path." You are Weylin of Ezomyte slave Ezomyr. As a child is captured and becomes a gladiator, you will have the opportunity to withstand the test of the maze of the mad Izolo emperor and his House of Lords. As Weylin, it's up to you to decide how the story will be played. Every choice is yours. Some will lead to death, some will lead to glory, and everything will go through the darkest roads of the war-breakers. The author of the book is Chris Kluwer, a former beneficiary of the Minnesota Vikings. His choice is not as strange as you might think. He has entered the Path of Exile, so he continues to move forward with the title "of". The game manual (and other physical goods) will be available in the new Core Supporter Pack at a higher level, and these Core Supporter Packs are expected to be released by the end of this year. The official does plan to sell the gamebook outside of the Supporter Pack (either digital or physical), but only after the new Supporter Pack is finished (so don't expect to buy the manual soon). The future, but in the end it will be). Please note that the game manual is in English and we do not intend to translate it into other languages due to the large number of words and the limited number of prints. Find out more information about the Path of Exile, do POE Orbs trading, pay attention to