Title: Very important for me in terms of playing RuneScape
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Blog Entry: Jason Milena to tying the hands, as it comes down, I think we acknowledge that yes, older tech does have its limitations, but I believe out of a game development perspective like we have to also admit that anything is possible, right? I believe the biggest thing for RuneScape gold is accepting the gamers along in the journey because changes like this can alter the expression of the game the sense of that game, and things like that. I would actually argue that assuring that our players are happy has been a more important thing rather of seeing what we could tear down and sort of rebuild from scratch and appearing at the end. I don't think that we're currently allowing anything we have that's legacy to stop us at all. We 100% acknowledge that both Old School and RuneScape are critical to our business and we need players to continue to perform with those games. Adding things such as mobile does not demand us to alter our tech. What occasionally it does call for us to do would be making it so that the game is accessible and available to a newer viewer, but we also admit that the older area of the games is not necessarily likely to facilitate that sometimes we need to optimize and change things only a tiny bit. Sometimes we could modify our present code that is legacy, so that it accommodates what that objective is to create it. And we do not always require something new and glistening, right? There are a whole lot of capacities within our engine for us to modify and add to, and tack on. We are not saying that our engine ought to actually tear down and it's switched on unity or real or something like that, right? There's a lot of benefits to what we now have and I'd say that, since we built it ourselves, then we're also the direct ones that have the very best chance to change it and configure it the way we really wish to moving forward too. We do see that sort of just as a bright side of things. We're happy that we've got possession, complete ownership of the engine, and we have a team on the engine side that are very easily available to create the changes we will need to accommodate our player base needs. One of the things that's been really, very important for me in terms of playing RuneScape for cellular is how you've kept that tactile sense of this game in terms of that. I liken it. You spent a lot of time cleaning up the UI, which makes it more polished to buy RS gold . What are the kind of learnings and areas that in building mobile which have benefited the core game you have had to apply?