Title: Improve The Aging Resistance Of The Epdm Extruder
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Blog Entry: The utility model discloses a epdm extruder , which comprises a body body (1) and a corresponding operation control box (2). The operation control box (2) is arranged on the base of the body body (1). Above (a), a sliding groove (3) is opened inward at the upper top surface of the base (a), and one side of the base (a) is provided with an adjusting groove communicating with the sliding groove (3) ( 4) The top of the base (a) is provided with a positioning block (5), and the lower bottom surface of the positioning block (5) fits the upper top surface of the base (a) for sliding fit, and the positioning block (5) The top is provided with a first link (6) which is matched with its rotational connection, and the top of the first link (6) is coupled with one end of the second link (7). The structure design of the utility model is reasonable, the position of the operation box can be adjusted by moving the rollers left and right according to the actual operation needs, and the front and rear positions and directions of the operation box are adjustable, which is very convenient to control. Features 1. Heat aging resistance means strong heat aging resistance. It can be used under 100-120 for a long time, and it can maintain effective physical properties for a long period of time under 140-150. It can withstand high temperature of 230-260 in a short time. Role; coupled with the use of special formulas, EPDM rubber has a similar feel in the range of -50 to 150, which has created a highly efficient work performance for production site installation; 2. EPDM has excellent weather resistance, weather resistance refers to the ability to resist severe cold, hot, dry and humid for a long time, and has excellent corrosion resistance to rain, snow and water erosion, which can completely extend the use of rubber strips. life; 3. Because EPDM has excellent ozone resistance, it is also known as "crack-free rubber", especially when it is used in various urban buildings with different atmospheric indexes and completely exposed to the air, it will show its products Superiority.