Title: Opportunities For Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers
Tags: Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers
Blog Entry: Market area Today, coal coking, coal gasification, ammonia synthesis, and chemical fertilizers have become the main coal chemical industries in China, and they have continued to develop rapidly. The contradiction between the growth of our domestic oil consumption and petroleum supply and demand, and the introduction of coal chemical industry technologies such as methanol to olefins and coal to oil have accelerated the pace of industrialization and construction, and companies engaged in the production of coking products have also grown rapidly. Such as Wuxi Gangze Metal Materials Co., Ltd. and so on. For the coal coking industry, because pipelines and equipment are exposed to high temperature and corrosive environments for a long time, the equipment is severely corroded, and the service life of the equipment will be greatly reduced. Therefore, improving the equipment's anti-corrosion ability, prolonging the service life of the equipment, and reducing the production cost of the enterprise are important means to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise. Therefore, Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers have business opportunities. The stainless steel composite plate is a metal composite material with a pure stainless steel outer layer and a carbon steel inner layer. The emergence of stainless steel composite plates has provided material guarantee for the manufacture and upgrading of coking equipment. 1. The use of stainless steel composite plates to replace the original pure stainless steel plates can reduce equipment costs, but the use of equipment is not affected. Stainless steel composite plates can be used in desulfurization towers, ammonia distillation towers, debenzene towers, etc., with low cost and corrosion resistance. Taking debenzene towers as an example, using stainless steel composite plates instead of pure stainless steel plates can reduce costs by more than 30%. 2. The stainless steel composite plate retains the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, antimagnetic performance and beautiful appearance of pure stainless steel, and also has the characteristics of good weldability, formability, stretchability and thermal conductivity of carbon steel. It can be widely used in coking equipment to improve the corrosion resistance of coking equipment and extend the service life of equipment. 3. The stainless steel composite plate has good thermal conductivity and anti-corrosion function, which can be used in a large amount in coking equipment. If it is used in the ammonia distillation tower, it can increase the service life of the ammonia distillation tower and reduce the operating cost. On the other hand, because of its anticorrosive performance, it can also be used in ammonia distillation equipment. In short, China's stainless steel composite plate has great potential in the manufacture, upgrading and transformation of coking equipment, and it is the only choice to increase the service life of equipment, improve the production efficiency of equipment, and reduce operating costs.