Title: I could swear that Zone Coverage works
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Blog Entry: Individuals been talking for a long time that in M20 there's literally Madden 20 Coins opportunity to call anything other than Man-to-Man on every pass play and do not get discounted. That said, despite some actual gameplay flaws, in M19 (which I actively play) with sliders,"eyes in the back" INTs happening a whole lot less, and I could swear that Zone Coverage works. Defenders are more capable than what I have seen in M20 so far. It's even not possible to tweak or adjust it anyhow in M20. No matter what you're doing, Zones still get discounted, should you turn up the sliders, Man or no matter the Zone, while at 19 you can make impenetrable defence. I think this is exactly what results from them trying to repair the fumble-o-rama which has been the past Maddens with QBs. Just shows how absurd a number of the programming for Madden is and how much it is tied into the animations. If they make certain adjustments to attempt to"fix" a problem, it ends up not syncing with all the animations properly.Yet any time the qb crosses the line of scrimmage that good ol' fumble-o-rama comes right back lol.At this point I slide every drama with the QB past the line of scrimmage, and I really do this whimpy drop-down driveway for any non-QB runners each single time there's more than 1 defender. Just needed to rage quit my branch championship game since I fumbled four times in a row over the opening play of the last four drives after being up by two touchdowns at the start of the fourth quarter. Madden mechanics are so unrealistic occasionally, it is unbelievable.Well I mean, it is Rodgers along with the Packers, so it's fairly accurate to really have a horrible call go in their favour.I'm not a packer fan but that logic never makes sense too. Packers had gotten fucked with calls and who could forget fail mary? It's all about recency bias. All groups get fucked by penalties. It simply feels like the bunch have been helped out in big moments on national TV.They have experienced a lot of calls. However, the QBs like Rodgers often have a halo around them and calls to buy Madden NFL 20 Coins that are valuable to protect them.. I haven't played Owner mode in a while. I remember the distinction being that you may set food prices in one and you cannot in the other. I also remember not liking Owner mode. That is all lol.