Title: Precautions For Green Tea 41022 Preservation
Tags: Green Tea 41022
Blog Entry: Good transportation and storage can even give tea a different flavor of years. Storage is especially important.  Many GREEN TEA 41022  are easy to mildew because they are not stored in place, and the taste of tea is especially strong. If you don't pay attention to them a little, they are prone to mildew, smoke, cosmetics, etc.  This kind of tea is sealed by vacuum helium filling and packaged in food grade paper cans. It can prevent dust, insects, moisture, water, mildew, ultraviolet and harmful gases, and effectively solve the storage problem. In addition, the principle of "one can, one bubble" is also adopted to effectively solve the preservation problem after unpacking the large package. More importantly, it is convenient to carry and can be bought on a single can basis.