Title: Do You Know How To Attach Diamond Painting To A Wpc Foam Board?
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Blog Entry: Framing your own diamond painting kits can be a very satisfying project for any artist, isn't it? We all know that, right? That's why today Pretty Neat Creative will share with you wpc foam board as a cheap alternative to standard art canvas. Step by step is right here! Don't miss it if you wanna have a great diamond painting project! WHAT YOU'LL NEED Finished Diamond Painting Kits Foam board Utility knife Spray adhesive Scissors Ruler HOW TO? Foam board is used for a wide variety of projects and is found in many sizes. It is lightweight and made of rigid plastic foam with a paper or plastic coating and can be cut, glued and written or drawn on depending on its required use. 1/ FINISHED YOUR FAVORITE DIAMOND PAINTING KITS Make sure that you choose your favorite one for a great relaxation. If no ideas, you can refer some top-trending diamond painting designs here. how to frame diamond painting kits 2/ TRIM THE FOAM BOARD Measure and mark your desired cuts using a pencil. Pen or marker can smear because the ink won’t dry immediately on the surface of the board. Trim the foam board with the utility knife. Cut the board as quick and as steady as you can without veering too far off your lines. Foam board (or self-adhesive one): you can get from Amazon, Walmart or Hobby Lobby... with a cheap price. foam board diamond paintinghow to frame diamond painting kits 3/ TRIM THE CANVAS The canvas could be wrapped around the foam board if you want. Measure two inches away from the foam board and make a hash mark around each side. If not, you can just cut the canvas and the foam board equally. how to frame diamond painting kits 4/ ATTACH THE CANVAS TO THE FOAM BOARD & EDGING Glue foam board using any type of craft glue, the spray adhesive works great here. Hold the spray adhesive several inches away from the foam board and lightly spray it then wait about 30 seconds. Center the foam board over the canvas and when you are satisfied you can gently place the foam board on the canvas. Flip the foam board over and smooth the canvas out by pressing it down and away from the center of the foam board. Continue to spray with the short ends of the foam board and along the long side one. III. CONCLUSION Your Diamond Painting Projects will turn out great! Let's mount it on foam board so it won't be heavy to hang! Or you can try another easy way by stretcher bar wooden frame. 4x8 pvc foam board is also one of our products, welcome to your come and purchase!