Title: Drying Methods Given By Curtain Pole Manufacturer
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Blog Entry: As we’ve mentioned above, delicate and bright-coloured curtains are best dry-cleaned. They can shrink, lose their colour and get damaged by almost any wet-washing method, so you always need to be super careful when treating those fabrics. This is why we do not recommend dry cleaning curtains at home as it’s fairly easy to mess up and permanently damage your drapes. However, if you do have the confidence, Curtain pole manufacturer tells how you should do . Get a suitable “dry-cleaning-at-home kit” with instructions. Test the fabric if it’s colourfast. Just put a small dose of the chosen detergent on a small inconspicuous area. If the colour fades away, then you shouldn’t treat the rest of it with the same chemical. Once you have found the right kit for your curtain, follow the instructions carefully and the same as with the hand-washing method, do not use any abrasive brushes. Clean only one curtain at a time. When you are done, hang them away from direct sunlight. If you need to iron them, always put a white We are one of the Curtain pole manufacturer, welcome to your come and purchase! As Curtain rods can be customized to the manufacturer , welcome to your come and purchase!