Title: Advantages Of Metal Stamping Processing
Tags: Metal Stamping Parts
Blog Entry: Metal stamping parts are formed by metal stamping process and die stamping process, stamping equipment and stamping materials. The advantages of metal stamping are high productivity, low mold cost, no need for sheet metal cutting, and progressive die savings of 30%. The cost is high, but its application is limited by the drawing depth, the direction of the transport strip and the surface hardening, and it is mainly used for simple parts with a shallow drawing depth. Die is the main process equipment for metal stamping. The surface quality, dimensional tolerance, productivity and economic benefits of stamping parts have a lot to do with the mold structure and its rational design. According to the combination of metal stamping processes, there is a simple single process mode. Multi-process continuous and composite molds. When formulating the stamping process of the workpiece, the dispersion and concentration of the machining process is a relatively complex issue. It depends on the batch size, structural shape, quality requirements, process characteristics, etc. For automotive stamping parts that are usually produced in batches, it should be used as much as possible. Process-focused solutions use composite materials or progressive dies for stamping, which increases productivity and enables safe production. Choose a professional Metal Stamping Parts manufacturer, nbstarlite Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., welcome your comments and inquiries.