Title: Clean Quick Fitting As Such
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Blog Entry: 1. Check cleaning objects of quick fitting Before cleaning IPS (PPH) pipes and pipe fittings, first of all, the distribution of pipes should be made clear, and the service life, service condition, blockage, buried and exposed parts of buildings should be understood for damage. Before dredging, pay attention to understand the material. In addition to cast iron and ceramics, there are other materials in the system, such as equipment and pipes with structural materials such as cement. 2. Subsection cleaning In order to facilitate the cleaning of IPS (PPH) pipes and pipe fittings, it is generally divided into several small cleaning sections. The method of segmentation is mainly based on the volume of pipes, the height of floors, the convenience of cleaning, and the possibility of segmentation. Generally, three or four floors in a unit is a better section. 3. Acceptance After the cleaning of IPS (PPH) pipes and pipe fittings, the acceptance shall be carried out to check whether the pipes are dredged, cleaned and unblocked to meet the customer’s requirements. pp quick connect fitting is also one of our products, welcome to your come and purchase!