Title: How To Hang Wpc Foam Board Prints By Standoff?
Tags: wpc foam board 4x8 pvc foam board
Blog Entry: Signage fasteners or standoff screws as they are commonly known, are the best ways to show-off a three-dimensional display without using a frame. Standoffs fasten your sign to the wall, with a professional and visually pleasing one-inch gap in between the sign material and the wall. Unlike most objects used to attach foamboards to the wall, standoffs become part of the design and presentation of the finished print. These screws are typically round and fit through the drilled holes on the wpc foam board print. Standoffs are made of aluminium, brass or nylon. Brushed, chrome, nickel, and anodized are just some of the many finishes of standoffs available in stores. With standoffs, your awesome prints are projected from the wall for a visually pleasing display, and you won’t have to worry about your print falling off the wall with every bang. There are two types of standoffs: a through-grip and an edge grip. To use a through grip style, you’ll need to drill holes into your foamboard print, while an edge grip style can leave dents in your print. How to use standoffs Firstly, you’ll need to measure your foamboard sign and mark the wall to know where the screws will be placed Drill pilot holes on the marked spots using a drill bit, the drill bit needs to be smaller than the width of the wall screw. Unscrew the cap from the barrel. Screw the wall screw through the bottom of the barrel and into the pilot hole Line up the holes on your signage with the barrels on the wall Finally, screw the caps through the signage and into the barrels to secure the sign. 4x8 pvc foam board is also one of our products , welcome to your come and purchase!