Title: PvP isn't enticing to perform
Tags: RuneScape gold
Blog Entry: I also want to get in to PKing but've had exactly the same experience, I even made a pure RS gold to F2P PK to have an easier time learning before proceeding onto associates PKing. F2P is so boring though it's difficult to take it seriously. What I'm thinking about doing to alleviate the strain of feeling like I'm just losing gp is merely purchasing a bond or two to get some gp and believe a reduction right off the bat. Place that ~5-10m about the accounts and just try my best. It isn't the end of the world, Should I lose the cash, and I know that it's not. My logic being that 5-10m is a fantastic bit of time grinding for me on my primary (minimum a few hours of grinding) and is something I'd work hard because I'd feel very bad dropping, and being a noob pk'er possess a very high prospect of losing. The $7-14 it'd cost in bonds to get 5-10m is just like 5-15 minutes of my time working IRL or something like this, it's not something which retains weight to me like gp I grinded hours. When I feel comfy I can place my own gp on the 27, that way I can try to get in to PKing. PVP in OSRS is not fixable although I've said it for years, however nobody wants to hear that answer. The core mechanisms of OSRS PVP (i.e., account assembles and losing your items when you die) are so fundamentally outdated and out of touch with how people play games these days that there is not a prayer of"revitalizing" anything no matter how much dev time that they devote to PVP. The PVP foundation in OSRS is shrinking and any upgrade or alter like DMM, LMS, or BH2 further fragment the rest PVPers. Have a hint from the decade of unsuccessful PVP efforts of RS3 and stop trying to fix something that's irreparable. My comment on PvP repairing is that we're never likely to attract new PvPers en masse with the current game design. So we ought to focus on fixes for the present and dedicated playerbase to make that content more enjoyable. Essentially a"QoL" style thing for PvPers in efforts to remove annoyances and clan-centric troubles. The playerbase wills divide, but they're essential to enabling people to PvP without building a brand-new accounts. The PvP scene will never grow, which is. Same issue WoW had for years and years in which you do not enter PvP early in a growth you ended up coming up against individuals with PvP particular equipment and you just had to crush your face from a wall for long enough until you got that Rs has a similar matter. To be a part of the size of wildy pking you need to make a pure. To earn a pure way another account and a particular build. Mistakes could indicate the account moves one or two mounts and needs more time investment. And then at the end of that cheap rs3 gold you're fighting with people for 50k risk until you are good enough to do risk fighting at which stage you can do this on a maxed primary really. PvP isn't enticing to perform. I've never found it enjoyable evem after constructing different Pures. I lose interest in it quickly because it removes. Progression, freedom of choice, and effort-reward ratio.