Title: Some Hot Stamping Foil Applications
Tags: hot stamping foil
Blog Entry: Hot foiling, or hot stamping, is used for the decoration of a wide range of products. It is also used as an anti-counterfeiting method. It is widely used in the finishing of packaging products such as food, medicine, beverages, as well as high-end luxury products. Foil stamping is also used on currency notes, artwork, as well as for designing greeting cards, wedding invitations, book covers, on paper stock, etc. From simple business cards to brochures, invitation cards, or regular business stationery (reports, envelopes, cards, etc), foil stamping techniques are widely used and appreciated. Additionally, hot stamping foil finds its utility in the packaging sector. From stickers, labels, or scratch and win tags, foil stamping is a quick and easy way to add a luxurious factor and an eye-catching effect.