Title: There is also the fact that chronotoes
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Blog Entry: I went to go find him and watch that the 99 emote. I don't think he even promised the cape he just said"xp waste" and jumped away. Apparently without eliminating his override he did assert the cape and do the emote once but I missed it. That OSRS gold account was being shared if you looked at their daily XP profits in each of these abilities, only being possible if you played with 24/7 which, while not indicative of, is unsustainable for just how long they kept up those XP gains. If folks knew me they would know I wouldn't risk laying bank to the ability and find a ban. But they would know I would not discuss my account I simply dont trust anybody, not even myself. Last, rank 1 isn't worth it getting banned for, such as people are interested atm sure, but in a month most people won't even know who position 1 is... I'm just doing it cause rushing for ranks is fun, the achievement wouldn't mean anything for me if I cheated, but don't expect me to escape the strats I find though (if it seems insect or unnintended I report into some jmod, like I happen ). You grind clues or supervisors until you get bils to start other high priced items merching rares, and large quantities of priced items. Staking at duel stadium is one other means to make (or lose) plenty of cash. Perhaps Le me was a hoster back at the afternoon before RuneScape player run games of chance were banned. Those guys made lots of cash. Probably the most ever. Really scummy things though. He could have hit on a few really great investments. Like following EOC hit, or innovation was released, there was fluctuations in cost and you'd be rolling in cash, should you bulk bought the right thing prior to the upgrade for cheap. There's goldfarming and RWTing but I doubt he does these since he is too high profile. There is also just up purchasing bonds however that would takes tons of real life money. And maybe he bosses a lot too, it could be 40m+/hr. Don't think anyone is surprised the man with the bank is in a buyable lol. How is it buyable? I suppose the tools are but you still want the correct? (I'm not questioning it being buyable, I simply don't know.) When you gather artefacts, waste time collecting yourself from caches, so from there on you have to buy what's missing, or you don't get to animate every thing. There is also the fact that chronotoes are tradeable and you can buy temporary boosts in the shop, together with upgrades that are permanent. Purchase materials and all the updates for each and every artefact, or individuals can not justify/afford to keep these boosts active, so you can train this skill significantly quicker than somebody who can not simply buy everything if money is no matter. I haven't done arch yet due too being stuck at the office for another week. Enjoy le me how do you train it? You purchase the materials to restore the artifacts you don't have. Still need to dig up the artifacts, but the excavating can occasionally only give 60 percent of the materials required to ~. That means you can get the other 40 percent yourself from material caches or excavating, or purchase them. It isn't as buyable since most abilities, but it rates it up.Not to mention you can purchase chronotes for constant boosts to excavating and also to use your research team 24/7. And notes to buy RS gold to buy the qualification upgrades as they become available, if desired. Since they don't offer any XP, if you're trying to be the very first, you not turning into any artifacts, cause the time to run to the collector could be XP waste.