Title: Among Twitch's best RuneScape streamers
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Blog Entry: Among Twitch's best RuneScape streamers, B0aty, disclosed OSRS gold to his chat that he'd turned down a sponsorship offer that was $20,000 for ethical reasons. Content creators greatly rely on sponsorship deals so as to create a living, but not all them are worth saying yes to. B0aty revealed an intriguing bit of advice over the introduction half-hour of a typical RuneScape flow. He explained how they were the kind to take any type of host those damaging to his audience when asked about his opinion of some other creator by discussion. An experience he had the night before was summarized by B0aty to explain his purpose. "A sponsor DM'd me and their supply was: 45 minutes a week (for two weeks)... $20,000. You may POG, you may POG." He led his audiences on with a lot of drawn-out pauses withholding the details of the sponsor. Finally, he revealed that during the 1.5 hours of flow time, he'd have to"play with blackjack and roulette, meaning that it is a decline." He said his rule of streaming has been that he'd never associate with a"house odds" sponsor, which does not consist of poker patrons. "You eliminate all your cash playing poker -- you're a shit poker player. You eliminate all your money playing blackjack. Think about that." It is one thing to jump onto a bandwagon sponsor (such as Raid: Shadow Legends) and pretend as if you truly enjoy this product. It is another thing completely to promote rigged gambling particularly an audience containing a large percentage of minors, to an audience. Fortunately, the world has souls like B0aty who have a moral compass, passing up on idiotic amounts of money. Perhaps the most notorious case was during a fairly large YouTube scandal, which emphasized how founders such as Jake Paul and RiceGum were taking offers to encourage gaming equivalents to minors. There is, however, one case of reckless gambling that B0aty was known to partake in on stream -- Google's"random" number generator. "What are the odds?" Is a notoriously dangerous game to play, and to buy RuneScape Mobile gold when a shot was undertaken by B0aty at immediately ending flow -- he lost. A man of the sentence ended the broadcast straight away, accepting his defeat.