Title: China Freezer Suppliers Teach Everyone Specific Methods Of Cleaning
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Blog Entry: As an electrical appliance used to keep food fresh every day, the freezer may have dirt, peculiar smell and other problems during use, which will affect the freezing effect of the freezer. If you want to have a healthy and safe storage environment, you must definitely clean the freezer. The following China freezer suppliers will teach you specific methods for cleaning China freezers. The freezer shall be cleaned at least once a month. Soap water or 3% bleaching powder clear solution can be used to wipe the inner wall of the display freezer during cleaning. You can also use hot water to wipe the inner wall and accessories of the freezer first, then spray some disinfectant or essence that is non-toxic to the human body, and then close it for half an hour before opening it for ventilation, and then use it after drying. Be careful not to leak the sealing strip of the freezer door during disinfection. There are as many as a dozen microorganisms on it, which can easily infect food. The condenser and compressor of the flat back type refrigerated display cabinet are built-in, which need not be cleaned frequently, but the condenser and compressor hung with commercial ice phase are exposed to the outside, and are easily stained with dust, spider webs, etc., while the compressor and condenser are important refrigeration components of the refrigerated display cabinet, if stained with dust, heat dissipation will be affected, resulting in shortened service life of the parts and weakened refrigeration effect of the freezer. Dust on the surface of condenser and pressure cultivator can be removed by blowing with tools such as air pump, and do not scrub with water or wet cloth to avoid affecting electrical insulation. The freezer should be cleaned more than twice a year. When cleaning the freezer, cut off the power supply first, dip the dishcloth in clean water or detergent, scrub gently, then dip the detergent in clean water to wipe it off. Boric acid or disinfectant paper towel can be used to wipe the interior of the supermarket freezer, and boric acid can be used to wipe the freezer, which can easily remove frost. If vinegar is used instead of boric acid, rust can be prevented. The shelf should be taken out and cleaned with water. The inner wall can be wiped with glycerin to form a thin protective film. Even if it is stained with milk or food residue, it can be easily wiped off. When the accessories in the box accumulate dirt, they should be removed and cleaned with clean water or detergent. The surface of electrical parts should be wiped with dry cloth. We are also a professional commercial freezer suppliers , if necessary, please contact us.