Title: Why Not Know Cons Of Heat Transfer Machine?
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Blog Entry: Although heat transfer machine IS less expensive than laser printers to buy initially, the ink is more expensive in the long run. Inkjet printers also tend to waste ink during their internal cleaning processes, so you need to repurchase more frequently. Since heat transfer machines are usually on the smaller side, their paper trays can only handle small amounts of paper at a time. They also don’t have output trays, so you will need to monitor your printing job if you are printing in high volumes. The heat transfer machines take much longer than laser printers to produce their final product. Again, this may be problematic if you print in high volumes. The heat transfer machines work best with higher quality paper. If the paper you use is quite thin, text and photos may come out slightly blurred. Since ink is water based, your prints need to be kept away from water, and they may fade over time if not stored properly. The heat transfer label is also one of our products, welcome to your come and purchase!