Title: “Best Forex Broker” OctaFX Turned Out to Be “The NO.1 Fraud” ?
Blog Entry: “Best Forex Broker” OctaFX Turned Out to Be “The NO.1 Fraud” ?   Forex scam keeps occurring recently, causing complaints against the brokers. Even OctaFX, which calls itself the "best forex broker", has been repeatedly criticized by investors and was even referred to as the "number one fraud company".To get more news about WikiFX , you can visit wikifx official website.   Yesterday, A *** R, an investor from India, told us about his experience. A *** R started trading currency pairs on the OctaFX platform at the beginning of 2020, and at first it was either a loss or a small profit. In March, A *** R made a considerable profit by trading XAU/USD. But the good luck didn't last for long, as the platform suddenly stopped XAU/USD trading on March 25th.   On April 9th, XAU/USD trading was resumed. During this period, A *** R submitted a withdrawal application because there was no profit, but unexpectedly, his application was immediately rejected by the system, and his following withdrawal requests remained "under review".   When waiting for the matter to resolve, A *** R eventually lost his US$75,000 account balance. "Whether you make a profit or loss, money always belongs to the broker and you will never get it," A *** R concluded, saying that blinded by the desire to make an instant fortune, he did not check OctaFX's qualifications in before investing.   According to WikiFX App risk reminder, OctaFX has been intensively complained in the past month, and has been listed as an illegal broker by WikiFX, with a score of only 1.90 points. The broker has a very short history, holding CySEC MM license for less than 2 years. Investors should watch out for it. So far, WikiFX App has included profiles of over 18,000 forex brokers around the world, while integrating broker information query, exposure, news feed and other functions, offering investors 24/7 services.   To report illegal traders, please contact WikiFX official customer service at, or make an exposure immediately through WikiFX App