Title: Top USA and International PCB Manufacturers
Blog Entry: This article looks at PCB manufacturing companies in the USA and worldwide. Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are the means to mechanically support and electrically connect an array of electronic components into a circuit for both reliability and cheap mass manufacture. A typical two-layer PCB consists of a single insulation layer, usually a fiberglass resin, and two copper planes, one on each side of the insulation. These copper layers are etched into traces (wires), while vias (holes) connect both copper layers at key locations. Additional layers coat the copper to protect it and to provide various artwork and labeling.To get more news about <b> Cavity PCB </b>, you can visit pcbmake official website. The process of producing a PCB first involves an electronics engineer to design it, followed by a PCB manufacturer, an assembler, which places the electronics components onto the PCB, and then finally a testing process for quality control. Some companies provide a one stop shop for all services. Others provide just one or two services, in which case the customer would work with multiple companies as part of a supply chain.The industry has a large number of small private companies, each performing their own PCB manufacturing services, while major electronics companies have PCB divisions integrated within the company. Some companies do PCB design in-house while they outsource PCB manufacturing and/or assembly to China invisibly to the customer. Data on their operations is typically proprietary, making it difficult to obtain information on their true size. Therefore our ranking is based on a combination of market capitalization and brand name recognition within the industry.