Title: The advantage of Halogen-free PCB
Blog Entry: The demand for halogen-free PCB has become larger and larger. Not only because of their low water absorption ,but also the environmental protection requirements. And halogen-free PCB can also meet the quality requirement in other performance .To get more news about <b> Halogen Free PCB </b>, you can visit pcbmake official website. Let us know some detailed features of halogen-free materials as below , The substitution of P or N for the halogen atom reduces the polarity of the molecular bond of the epoxy resin to a certain extent, thereby improving the insulation resistance and the puncture resistance of the quality. Water absorption The water absorption of the material is lower than that of the conventional halogen flame retardant materials. For materials, low water absorption has a certain impact on improving the reliability and stability of the material. Thermal stability Both the monomer molecular weight and the Tg value are increased. In the case of heat, the molecular mobility of the molecule will be lower than that of the conventional epoxy resin, and thus the halogen-free material has a relatively small coefficient of thermal expansion.