Title: Precautions For Drawing Copper Magnet Wire
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Blog Entry: The drawing of copper magnet wire  requires proper treatment, such as pickling and equalization treatment, before drawing the wire blank to the surface. In order to eliminate the gray wire clip, thorns, pits and other defects on the surface of the blank, high-quality finished welding wire and billet response line are selected. The peeling machine should pass before stretching, so that the blank line after the section is filled with circles, and has a certain hardness on the surface of the peeling machine, so that the metal is uniform and non-sticky. The processing speed of the wire should be determined according to the metal plastic, production efficiency, deformation conditions, equipment capacity, mold lubrication quality and other conditions. On the premise of not affecting product quality and performance, the overall processing speed is better. The processing rate is large, the lower limit is used as the upper limit, and the small size adopts the ceiling, the processing rate of a single stretch is large, and the non-slip processing saves the multi-mode processing rate of the pass, and the processing rate of the sliding multi-stretching pass is small. Metals or alloys with better plastics and medium tensile strength can have a higher pass treatment rate, and the difference between the plastics should be small and the plasticity is good, but when the tensile strength is high, the pass treatment rate should be lower. When choosing a lubricant, it is necessary to consider two aspects of cooling and cleaning. According to the material of the welding wire, drawing technology, and different quality requirements, different types and concentrations of lubricant compositions should be selected. For example, the roughing stage generally has a low speed, but has a large deformation, which can be used as a lubricant for the coolant. When the plug speed is fast and the surface requirements are high, high-grade lubricants can be selected. Wires are often broken when they are stretched. The main reason is that the production line has broken burr blanks, ash pits and scratches. Eligible line blanks should be provided. In addition, poor pickling, poor lubrication, excessive copper lubricating fluid, and copper mold can also cause adhesion and fracture of Copper Clad Aluminum Wire . It is necessary to improve the quality assurance ability of the auxiliary process.