Subject: The recall will begin in late April and owners are
Content: The recall will begin in late April and owners are advised to call VW for any queries that they may have. It has also recalled some 362,000 new Beetles and Jettas due to defects found on the brake light switch. According to Keith Price VW spokesman, in some vehicles with automatic transmissions, a defective brake light could work in with the shift interlock to immobilize the vehicle and afterwards be simply towed. Price added that all those with 2001-2002 New Beetles and Jettas that have been repaired following the last years recall doesnt need to return for the second time. The said recall would involve several models of Volkswagen such as: 1999-2006 model years of the Golf and GTI, 2001-2005 Jettas, 2001-2007 New Beetles and the 2004 R32.  most and worst lists and for the year 2006 it has recorded the Most Recalled Vehicles which are as follows: Dodge Ram with 7 recalls Dodge Durango with 6 recalls Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra with 4 recalls Honda Civic with 4 recalls Hyundai Sonata with 4 recalls Jeep Liberty with 4 recalls Land Rover LR3 with 4 recalls  LED Panel Light  Land Rover Range Rover with 4 recalls As you may have observe no Volkswagen vehicle is included in the list but it doesnt mean that Europes largest is free from recalls. The recall has affected 1999-2002 Jettas and 1998-2002 new Beetles. For this years recall VW dealers will install new VW parts particularly the newly designed brake light switch  LED Down Light  for free. The danger of this is that it could give other motorists with the wrong braking signal which might lead to a crashing accident. He also said that the current recall is actually an extension of last years recall since the company has found out that there was a broader pool of vehicles that had the defective part. The automaker further stated that the brake light could either remain on or failed to completely function. Volkswagen has earlier reported to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that the brake light switches in the vehicles to be recalled could malfunction if they were improperly installed. The VW number to contact is 800-822-8987. has announced that it would recall 790,000 of its vehicles due to the same problemdefective brake light switch. And last Monday, Volkswagen of America Inc.