Subject: 988 radio deejay Sean Lee makes ‘Headlines’ in his
Content: After shooting two horror movies, womens Keenan Allen Jersey , Sean Lee is still waiting to experience creepy encounters. ” said Lee,“People tell me that the cast and crew of horror movies are more likely to experience such eerie encounters. And, I keep hearing of their experiences, who is also a deejay at local Chinese radio station 988. he’s the lead star in another horror movie,His first foray into film was in 2014 when he accepted a cameo role in the local horror flick, The Transcend. Now, Headlines. Authentic Keenan Allen Jersey , Jordan Voon,Headlines (in cinemas now) is helmed by actor-director James Wong Chee Keong, Shaun Chen, who is looking forward to taking his movie to China and other countries. The cast includes Wang Lei, Seck Fook Yee and Lim Mei Fen. Authentic Jahleel Addae Jersey ,  The movie is an anthology comprising three main stories; Lee plays the protagonist Yang Guang and is featured in the first and last stories. who returns from abroad to investigate the death of his father,In the first story, Lee plays an aggrieved youngster, who is an elder craftsman in the business of sacrificial paper offerings. now a paper effigy craftsman, womens Ron Parker Jersey ,The final story sees a grieving older Yang Guang, womens Allen Bailey Jersey , who resorts to extreme measures when he is unable to accept that he has lost his wife. As a newcomer, Lee said he applied some method acting during the shoot. it looks more natural to drink some alcohol and get drunk to acquire genuine flushed cheeks. Because, Authentic Cairo Santos Jersey ,“I have heard that for scenes in which someone is drunk, womens Dustin Colquitt Jersey , the makeup is usually too red and tends to look fake.” in the end,So, womens Antonio Gates Jersey ,having to sit around and wait for his turn to shoot, he had to suffer several bouts of vomiting., Lee drank a few bottles of alcohol to prepare for his scenes. However, Lee’s head started to spin and his stomach churned from the affect of the alcohol. So As for his shower scene with actress Lim, arms and back, who plays his wife in the movie, Lee revealed that he put in extra hours at the gym. “I just needed to work the upper body,” he said., and focus on the shoulders, chest womens Jahleel Addae Jersey ,  But the scariest part of the movie came when he and some other cast members had to perform a ritual using paper effigies that were made in their own likeness. Authentic Eric Fisher Jersey , and it feels scary even when we’re seeing it now,“I still recall when they started making those paper effigies that looked just like us. We still have the pictures,” he recalled. womens Cairo Santos Jersey ,” If the movie is well-received, Authentic Ron Parker Jersey , Lee said he hopes to carry out the task that director Wong wanted him to do. and have someone follow me around and shoot a video to promote the movie, Authentic Allen Bailey Jersey ,“James had earlier suggested that I perform a stunt as a movie promotional tactic. He wanted me to fill my car with lots of paper effigies, then drive around town, womens Eric Fisher Jersey , said Lee. The conscientious fellow admitted that he had hesitated when Wong initially proposed the idea to him because he was concerned that it would distract drivers, and cause them to lose their concentration when they should be keeping their eyes on the road. Apart from promotional activities for Headlines, Authentic Dustin Colquitt Jersey Lee’s schedule is also packed with cheerier projects. These days, he is involved in the filming of 988’s first lunar new year comedy titled A House Of Happiness as well as the recording for the radio station’s Chinese New Year songs for the upcoming Year Of The Dog., Authentic Antonio Gates Jersey ,