Subject: What are Bullion Badges on a Military Dress
Content: The most common collectible item that is a part of a military uniform is the bullion badge or wire badge. Listed below are a few types that you can explore. Custom Wire Badges Also called as embroidered wire badge , these are raised, thickly embroidered badges that are worn, usually on a military Uniform. These badges also called patches generally indicate the regiment they belong to. Sometimes they indicated a skill. There are some special badges that indicated awards of bravery. These badges are also known as bullion badges are made out of wires of copper, silver, and gold along with silk threads that are used to create a 3 D raised design. Bullion Badge Although the true bullion badge is made from silver and gold wire and braids that were easily available during the World War 1, in the modern day, these badges generally do not necessarily have embroidery. Instead, they can use precious and semiprecious metal to make circular dome-shaped badges that represent a particular regiment in the army and their insignia. They can be used to indicate the Army, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, the Navy and the Air Force. Each of these forces has a different insignia. War Memorabilia There is a very niche market for old and antiquated bullion patches as a part of war memorabilia collections that can be found online and in antique shops. These are considerably costlier and make for a very interesting collector's item often coming with their own backstory that is fascinating for history enthusiasts.