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If so, an electronics wholesaler is the best solution to spending less for the hottest products at bargain prices Related Articles: No Related Posts Dumping Syndrome: The Dirty Secret Gastric Bypass Patients Keep Dumping syndrome is an effective result of the gastric bypass system which alerts the body of inappropriate eating. Dumping syndrome is described as a shock-like state when small, easily absorbed food particles rapidly dump into the digestive system. This results in a very unpleasant feeling with symptoms such as a cold clammy sweat  Uomo Nike Air VaporMax Bianche Scontate  , pallor, butterflies in the stomach and a pounding pulse. These symptoms may be followed by cramps and diarrhea. This state can last for 30-60 minutes and is quite uncomfortable.That was the clinical description of dumping.This is what I experience when I dump: shortly after eating a food I don芒鈧劉t tolerate (sugar, milk, sugary milk products or starchy carbs) I begin to feel a bit disoriented, maybe dizzy and then an overall sense of confusion or panic takes over my mind and body. This is a mild state of delirium. Then I begin sweating. Profuse sweating that can completely soak my hair, my clothes; it drips and glistens on my skin. During this state of sweaty panic I feel like I芒鈧劉m out of my mind! A few times during extremely dramatic dumping episodes I literally thought I was dying, the state of distress was that severe.At this point during a dumping episode I have learned it is best to lie down on my side and let it nature take its course. The body is efficiently, albeit painfully, correcting a chemical imbalance in the cell system. It takes great presence of mind to calm myself and lay down, but even in a state of near-delirium I now know this is the only action to be taken. I know the event is passing when the sense of panic is replaced by exhaustion and cold chills instead of sweating. Occasionally I have suffered diarrhea at this point. If I have the luxury I芒鈧劉ll try to take a nap or go to bed after dumping. If it is in the evening I芒鈧劉ll sleep through the night, and wake feeling like I芒鈧劉ve been run over by a truck.The mild delirium associated with dumping is the result of an interruption of nerve impulses affecting cerebral metabolism. The interruptions ar.  Cheap NHL Jerseys     Wholesale Jerseys     Wholesale Jerseys     Cheap Jerseys China     Cheap Jerseys China     Cheap Jerseys From China     Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping     Cheap NFL Jerseys     Wholesale Jerseys     Wholesale NFL Jerseys