Subject: two German titles
Content: By Oliver Trust BERLIN  Air Jordan Retro For Sale Online  , Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Juergen Klopp seems not to be far off being voted "sexiest man alive" even without votes coming from Liverpool. All of Britain seems to be affected by "Klopp mania". Some assume the 48-year-old coach will not have to worry about parking tickets even if he left his car on double yellow lines in the city's main shopping street, he won't need a bank account to pay rent and shopping in the supermarkets will be free, as will any pints of beer he downs in the harbor city's pubs. Complete nonsense? Maybe? But nothing seems to be impossible as the Premier League club FC Liverpool and its fans welcome Europe's currently most-wanted coach. With 10 million euros of salary per season over the next three years, Klopp now is faced with the task of reanimating a club that has unique football tradition and one that for several reasons has fallen deeply in love with the charming German. Who is the man that has gained a messiah-like status in England's northwest before he has even started his difficult mission? And more important: Will the German Klopp be the perfect match for the English Liverpool? No matter: Expectations couldn't be higher and things at first glance fit together like in a fairytale ahead of his first game in the Premier League against Tottenham Hotspur on October 17. Klopp was never a great player himself but one that was gifted with an above-average amount of passion - authentic  Air Jordan Shoes For Sale Online  , full devotion for football and people. The 1.91-meter man with the three-day beard and the hair transplant to cover up his receding hairline has the charisma to captivate big audience as well as a football team through his ability to find a way to people's hearts, whether as a TV pundit or in front of an 80,000 crowd. No problem for a man as versatile as Klopp. He seems to be the ideal candidate for a club that is no longer a top dog - Liverpool won its last league title in 1990. When he took charge at Borussia Dortmund neither he nor his new club was one of the top dogs after previously being the head coach at FSV Mainz 05 in 2008. Klopp was Dortmund's savior that won two German titles (2011 and 2012) and led them to the Champions League final in 20122013 where they lost 2-1 to Bayern Munich. Before Klopp turned up in Dortmund, a coal-mining city  Air Jordan For Sale Online  , with a baseball cap on his head, the club was in serious danger of being relegated from the Bundesliga. The Stuttgart-born former second division player is what you call a crowd favorite. And it is a charming part of the love story that a German could return an English club like Liverpool back to former glory and make the Premier League a bit more British, meaning Klopp is a man to take the club back to its roots of authentic football with emotion in contrast to the artificial football supported by powerful sponsors that often alienates the fans. Klopp is a football nerd and a sports nerd, meaning he is not a good loser and never misses a sports broadcast even on a lazy Sunday afternoon. One could imagine meeting him in a pub with a beer in his hand  Jordan Retro For Sale Online  , something he rarely does though. If he does he could well be the last man standing. His former Dortmund defender and 2014 world champion Mats Hummels said: "He lives, breathes and eats football every hour of the day." The hype around Klopp's move to join The Reds seems to even beat the one Pep Guardiola experienced when he arrived in Bayern Munich in 2013. And most pundits are sure: Klopp is the right man for the job as Liverpool is like Dortmund where football is considered a religion. German head coach Joachim Loew assumed: "Klopp can push every team on the world, he can push Liverpool." German newspapers published language courses for the special Liverpool dialect "Scouse" (Ar Jurgen's a nice la, meaning: Our Juergen is a nice guy) and British media listed the advantages that come with the Klopp deal for the Premier League such as "enthusiastic runs around the pitch celebrating" and "pub-like behavior after bad refereeing decisions". Liverpool will be given  Jordan Shoes For Sale Online  , as described by the Times national newspaper, "Heavy metal football", meaning a risky attacking game, a kind of archaic football. "The new King of the Kop"  Air Jordan Retro For Sale  , as headlined by the Daily Mail, has freaked out the Liverpool fans (One wrote: "Jesus is coming to join us, I begged that he comes"). Klopp will rekindle Liverpool's fires the fans are convinced and they are getting a dream marriage between their club and the man who, as Dortmund coach  Air Jordan Shoes For Sale  , touched Liverpool's emblem before walking out onto the Anfield Road pitch ahead of a friendly between his old club and his new one. A magical moment expressing Klopp's devotion for Liverpool, and it went down well with the fans. They are delighted about interviews with Klopp who said "You can lose, but what should never do is play boring football." And that Klopp has abandoned his original plan to take a year off after he quit at Dortmund after seven years in May 2015. Boring football for sure was nothing Klopp and Dortmund stood for. And Liverpool (only 10th in the Premier League) seems to be in an identical "identity crisis" as Dortmund when Klopp took over. Liverpool is trying to find its role behind the big names like Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea. With Klopp's new job come high expectations. With Klopp in charge  Air Jordan For Sale  , fans are convinced the club could clinch a place in the exclusive Champions League circle. No doubt Klopp's mission is a challenging one. He has to adopt Premier League habits and restructure a team that so far has failed to satisfy expectations. All hopes in Liverpool now rest on the shoulders of a charming German who is welcomed like a unique hero, but demands from all around him that they follow him to the hilt. Those that don't could well get to know the unfriendly part of charming Klopp. BUENOS AIRES, March 18 (Xinhua) -- Venezuelan boxers Ga.