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Content: TOKYO  Adidas Evgeny Kuznetsov Jersey  , Sept. 18 (Xinhua) -- "Japan has to truly reflect upon itsinvasive history, otherwise it won't be able to rebuild trust withits Asian neighbors," said Masahito Sato, founder of a civil groupin Japan dedicated to studying the history of Japan's invasion ofChina's Hainan Island during World War II. Japanese troops captured China's Hainan Island in 1939 and usedit as a base of operations for its invasion of other parts of Chinaand Southeast Asia. The Japanese military also committed numerousatrocities on the island including killing, raping and burning downvillages. Sato started to study the history of Japan's military invasionof its neighbors in the 1970s and gradually learned about theatrocities committed by the Japanese military on Hainan Island. To learn more about this part of history, Sato founded a civilgroup and he and his fellow scholars decided to visit Hainan Islandby themselves to collect testimonies from local residents. "We have to go to the places where the atrocities happened andlisten to the testimonies of the victims ourselves, because ourgovernment has erased all evidences and records here on these warcrimes," said Sato. Since 1998, Sato and the members of his civil group have visitedHainan Island for over 30 times and interviewed more than 200people, mainly relatives of the victims of Japan's atrocities. While being appalled by the war crimes committed by Japan, theyare also concerned about the current situation as most of theJapanese young people nowadays do not have sufficient knowledge ofthe war history due to the government's whitewashing and erasing ofhistory. Hidemaru Saito, a member of Sato's group, said that for someJapanese, the war history was a history of Japan suffering nuclearbombing and air attacks and being a victim instead of being thevictimizer. Sato said that many civil groups in Japan now are trying to tellthe younger generations about the true history and "undergovernment pressure, though the young people have very fewopportunities to learn about the historical truths, suchopportunities do exist." Kim Jung-Mi, a Korean scholar and also a member of Sato's civilgroup, said that Japan has been concealing the historical truthabout the war, and the generations that really know about the truthare aging. "We have to make these memories imprinted in history and pass onto the next generations," she said. "If I were a Chinese, how could I trust a Japan that denies theNanjing Massacre and the fact that Japan invaded other countries?...The first step (to build mutual trust) is to admit the history,"said Sato. Enditem Even so, it is also discover that any dealer will provide an assurance of offering the reliable old semi trucks. 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