Subject: The conservation status o
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I have now been performing this for 8 a long time and have loved each and every minute of it. Advertising Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Creative Agency - First zoo in Asia (outside Indonesia) to have successfully bred the world锟絪 largest lizard, Komodo dragon Singapore, December 1, 2009 锟?Singapore Zoo welcomes newest addition to the Komodo dragon family, the first in 34 years. The arrival of the baby dragon on November 15, 2009 signifies father Bima锟絪 successful attempt at winning over mother Yoko, after one and a half years of courtship. Yoko, a diminutive female had not been receptive to Bima锟絪 presence until late last year. 锟絋he hatching of the Komodo dragon is one of the most significant moments for us at the Singapore Zoo. Veterinarians and zookeepers have been patiently monitoring Yoko锟絪 receptivity to Bima锟絪 advances and mating behaviour, as female komodo dragons have been known to be hostile during the early phases of courtship. We have been planning for this momentous day over the last seven months (when Yoko first laid her eggs), familiarising ourselves with the various steps required to artificially incubate the eggs, setting up a proper habitat for any hatchlings and reviewing the diet for dragonlets. Still, all the planning in the world cannot really prepare us for the tremendous sense of elation and wonder at seeing this 40-cm long baby resting beside its empty egg-shell in the incubator,锟?said Mr Biswajit Guha, Assistant Director Zoology, Singapore Zoo. The conservation status of the Komodo dragon is vulnerable, as its already restricted distribution has contracted further due to human encroachment and prey depletion. Generally, breeding komodo dragons in captivity is fraught with difficulties due to incompatible pairings, dearth of experience in egg incubation and over-representation of males in zoos. 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