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Content: Golf is one of the most interesting games and it is played throughout the world. You can see the golf tournament played almost all the season .the game of golf depends lot on the golf drivers .It is the game that do not require any specific strategy or lot of application of the mind. But to get success the golfer has to rely a lot on the drivers. It is the game of the gentleman and people apply the fair practices during the game. But we have come across different instances where a golfer uses the illegal golf drivers to hit the longest distance. Now let us see what are the illegal golf drivers? Any golf driver that is against the norms and guidelines issued by USDA is considered as illegal golf drivers and is normally banned by the golf clubs during the major tournaments. 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Thousands subscribe to watch illegal live ‘shows’ China on Saturday vowed to crack down on live webcasts that show the hunting and killing of State-protected animals, saying that it violates the law. It is illegal to live broadcast the hunting of State-protected animals or animals with high economic and scientific research value, Wang Lifen, a publicity department official of China's State Forestry Administration (SFA)  Cheap Charlotte Hornets Jerseys  , told the Global Times on Sunday. The SFA will join with other government departments such as the Cyberspace Administration of China to regulate these live Web shows, Wang said. The SFA said Saturday night on Sina Weibo that the hunting of State-protected animals, and live webcasts of them being hunted without hunting licenses should be cracked down on. It also said that advertisements for the tools of purchasing, selling and using wild animals as well as wild animal products are also forbidden. Chinese live streaming websites and apps  Cheap Chicago Bulls Jerseys  , such as huya and douyu, have broadcast the hunting and killing of animals of high economic and scientific research value, including bamboo partridges and bamboo rats, The Beijing News reported Saturday. The tools used by these broadcasters  Cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys  , such as electronic trap devices and leg traps are forbidden by the Wildlife Protection Law, said the report. In these live webcasts, rats were prodded with branches to attack each other until they bled, and some birds were snared in traps until their heads were torn apart by other beasts  Cheap Dallas Mavericks Jerseys  , said The Beijing News. Despite the cruelty, these programs received some 400,000 subscriptions on average, and each program attracted more than 100  Cheap Denver Nuggets Jerseys  ,000 viewers. A volunteer surnamed Shen from a Beijing-based animal protection NGO told the Global Times that such live broadcasts have existed for a long time. "I saw webcasts of hunting of turtledoves, wild boars and even owls, which are under second-class State protection, last year  Cheap Detroit Pistons Jerseys  ," Shen said. Shen noted that the broadcasters claimed that they would free the animals and get a license after being told they were breaking the law. While some platforms like douyu told The Beijing News that they only allow those with hunting licenses to broadcast on their platform, huya responded that it is fine to air hunting of non-protected animals as long as there is no maltreatment involved. According to the Wildlife Protection Law and Criminal Law, those who hunt wild animals without a license shall be given an administrative punishment which include fines or confiscation of the kills. In August 2016, two people from Yichun  Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys  , East China's Jiangxi Province continued to air broadcasts of the hunting and killing of wild animals despite being punished by local police, reported the Nandu Daily. It reported that the live show earned them around 100,000 yuan ($15,077) in just one month. There are other types of traffic  Cheap Houston Rockets Jerseys  , in fact there are actually hundreds of categories involving traffic, but they all DON芒??T matter! If the traffic doesn芒??t fit in these 3 categories, then it is comple.  Cheap Jerseys Wholesale     Cheap Jerseys From China     Cheap Jerseys Wholesale     Cheap NCAA College Jerseys     Cheap Jerseys Wholesale     Wholesale Soccer Jerseys From China     Wholesale Hockey Jerseys     Cheap Jerseys China     Wholesale College Jerseys     Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys