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Content: STARRING in two major TV series in 2017 and having earned an Emmy nomination for her turn on “Big Little Lies  Ravens Mark Andrews Jersey  ,” Nicole Kidman says the diversity and complexity of roles for women in TV are making the small screen more appealing. Speaking at the Australian premiere of “Top of the Lake: China Girl,” the Oscar winner, who stars alongside Elisabeth Moss and Gwendoline Christie in the second season of Jane Campion’s drama, said: “Great roles are being developed for women right now — they are not in film; they are in TV.” She added: “They’re on both, but they’re rare in film though.” “I think in television right now, there’s great opportunity for women because it’s a place in which there is money and directors of this caliber [Campion and Ariel Kleiman] who are willing to work in that medium and write and explore their storytelling,” Kidman added. “I think there’s an enormous appeal for actors working there because you have time to develop a character and for stories to unfold. Like ‘Big Little Lies,’ where there was five amazing roles for women, that’s where obviously the great roles are being developed for women right now.” But she acknowledged that creating “Big Little Lies,” on which she co-produced with Reese Witherspoon, was done “out of frustration.” “Reese and I were frustrated because we weren’t being offered the sort of roles we wanted in terms of complexity and that was born out of a desire to create an opportunity for ourselves and our friends,” she said. “We were able to do that because we had the ability to go and option a book like ‘Big Little Lies,’ and we had a company that gave us the money to at least develop it and then it took off.” BEIJING, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- The State Council, China'scabinet, said Wednesday that it will continue to strengthenimplementation of major central policies and decisions to betterpromote growth and improve people's livelihoods. Both progress and problems were found after the State Councilrecently launched a new round of field inspections and athird-party evaluation of local government implementation ofcentral policies and major tasks, according to a statementfollowing an executive meeting presided over by Premier LiKeqiang. Initial results have been obtained on local governmentsfulfilling the tasks set at the Central Economic Work Conference inDecember and in a government work report early this year, accordingto the statement. However, problems still lie in fields including capacity cuts,unreasonable fees and commercialization of research findings, thestatement said. The cutting of surplus production capacity will be continuedunswervingly, with special focus on the weeding out of substandardsteel production, it said. The government will further reduce costs by applying standardsand supervision to fees levied on enterprises by sectoralassociations, chambers of commerce and various societies, in amajor push to put an end to unregulated excessive chargingpractices. The government will further promote innovation-drivendevelopment, with an evaluation system to monitor the environmentfor innovation and entrepreneurship set to be established. The incentive mechanism for the commercialization of scientificand technological progress will be improved. The development of a business environment with global edge willbe prioritized to further promote private and foreigninvestment. The government will develop an evaluation mechanism for businessenvironments, and conduct timely nationwide evaluation of theenvironment. The government will also work on the real estate transactionregistration mechanism to further reduce red tape, according to thestatement. Local authorities will be encouraged to ensure real-time datasharing between different information platforms. The State Council launched its first round of nationwideinspections in 2014, followed by two inspections in 2015 and 2016,to keep implementation of economic and social work on schedule. Thelatest inspection is the fourth round of its kind. Enditem People that suffer from acne need to realize that there is a lot they can do to help themselves. The kind of acne that you have will determine how you are able to treat it over time. But for all those that are not considered severe acne, you have a range of options and solid choices. First of all, a healthy skin care regimen is one of your best options. A healthy skin program that keeps your skin clear and properly cleansed is a great first step toward acne free skin. To determine your regimen, you must first know what skin type that you have; more than likely, if you have acne, you have oily skin. Once you know your skin type, easy to develop the skin care program that you need to. Always avoid harsh chemicals in any of your treatment products, which, most of the time, are not found in high-end acne products. We all know that acne tends to be a condition seen more in younger people who are adolescents. Kids that have acne early on will often have it later in life as adults. The reason it usually starts is that adolescents have a great deal of testosterone coursing through their bodies. Acne has no actual cure, and the reason that it appears can vary from person to person. Each treatment program that you try will have different effects on each person, so test each one completely before trying another. People that have suffered with acne, and have developed scars, should understand that an excessive amount of collagen is to blame. Obviously, people that have these types of scars do not want to have them at all. 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