Subject: if the employer has the need to recruit a part tim
Content:   Post Topic  In present times an employee has the right to work on part time basis and it is not necessary for an employee to work for around five days a week continuously. An employee can avail the benefit of a Part Time Contract if the employer has the need to recruit a part time employee for a particular post. The part of the society which is most benefited by this contract is female population. The clauses of the contract are formulated to cater to the needs of the employees who have to take care of family and social responsibilities  Nike Air Max 95 Homme  , educational or other professional duties. Some of the clauses included in the Part Time Contract are working hours, job post and duties, commencement date, working place, collective agreement  Nike Air Max 270 Femme Pas Cher  , salary or wages, holidays, pension, absence due to sickness, maternity and paternity rights  Nike Air Max 270 Femme  , disciplinary procedure, voluntary retirement, procedure for grievances, employment termination, employment policies  Nike Air Max 270 Homme Pas Cher  , voluntary retirement laws governing and staff handbook. However, there have been some modifications in the Part Time Contract according to which it can be applied to several organizations and roles. There have been amendments in relation to retirement age in which it is mentioned that no organization can retire employees who have reached senior age without proper justifications. Further the workers are entitled to receive salaries or wages and benefits similar to permanent employees as per pro-rata structure. Operating a business organization is not easy and you may have to implement new policies for the welfare of the business as well as employees. Now if you want to implement Flexible Working Policy in your organization then it becomes necessary to consider some important points which can adversely affect the productivity of the business. Therefore, it becomes essential to identify the areas of problem and find solutions for them in order to expect greater dedication to work from employees, higher retention rate, increased efficiency as well as high business output. Some of the important points which need to be sorted out are: Identification of the positive as well as negative effects of Flexible Working Policy on your customer service. Calculation of the amount of time  Nike Air Max 270 Homme  , money and effort that will be required to make the flexible working plan work for the employer and employee. To ensure smooth flexible working plan to achieve best results it is essential to evaluate the skills and knowledge of the managers. To find out the potential problems that can arise due to adaptation of Flexible Working Policy. About the Author Kinzu is an event manager who through his experience gathered lots of knowledge on Part Time Contract & Flexible Working Policy . For more information visit http:www.employmentdocumentsstore . Home > Home Security Home Lighting - Use Glass Block to decorate and reflect light Posted by nick_niesen in Home on November 1st, 2010 Have you ever considered using Glass block draw light into your home? Many years ago, glass block was used in factory buildings and basements to allow light flowing into the area but still provided some security and privacy. Glass block has been used in showers and windows for bathrooms in higher priced housing. Home owners are only limited by their imagination when considering this durable material. I聮ve seen glass block used to create furniture such as desks and tables. Other suggestions for its use are for kitchen counters and divider walls. Since the blocks are not opaque, they blur and dim images while still allowing the flow of light. Glass has many additional benefits 聳 durability and resistance to weather. Glass block is sealed with mortar on the exterior of your home. Since it is sealed this way, you eliminate leaks that allow outside air to enter your home. This in itself will help reduce your utilities. Glass block reflects light by refracting rays around the room. Glass alone allows light to pour into a room and perhaps fade carpets and furniture. If you are interested in using this material  Nike Air Max 270 Rose Homme Pas Cher  , check out the material with a professional. Installing this product requires knowledge and experience. I聮m planning to use glass block to enhance my home design and interior lighting. Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto (2nd R) and Mayor of Mexico City Miguel Angel Mancera (1st R) visit an injured person after the earthquake in Balbuena General Hospital in Mexico City, capital of Mexico, on Sept. 20, 2017. Elements from the civil protection corps, Red Cross  Nike Air Max 270 Rose Homme  , army, police and voluntary civilians worked through the day on Wednesday to remove rubble from collapsed buildings in Mexico City, after the magnitude-7.1 earthquake shook the center of the country on Tuesday. (XinhuaStr)? 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