Subject: A circuit with wooden steps leads visitors to ex
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Chen Liang reports. Many county-level scenic spots in the country, especially those in North China, share a similar problem — poor exploitation of tourism. Symptoms include exaggerated names, overpriced admissions and accommodations, limited but expensive services, ugly buildings and few considerations for individual visitors. They diminish the travelers' experience and have spoiled many genuine excellent natural attractions. So when a friend invited me to his hometown, a remote county in Shanxi province  Michael Thomas Youth Jersey  , to visit Wannian ("Ten Thousand Years") Ice Cave and an alpine meadow on a locally famous mountain, I hesitated. I don't like the name; it sounds like a gimmick. But my friend, who was born and grew up there, says these are true natural wonders and worth a visit. His hometown, Ningwu, is only three hours' drive from Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi, where I was on business recently. So I went with him for a two-day excursion  Alvin Kamara Youth Jersey  , without much expectation. We have our dinner at a restaurant overlooking a lake, which is one of the Ningwu Tianchi ("Heavenly Lake"). The lake is clean and peaceful. At about 2,000 meters above sea level, the breeze from the lake is cool even at the height of summer. Around the lake, however, trees are small, the slopes are gentle, and the restaurant building and yurts around it are cement and tacky. To be honest  Drew Brees Youth Jersey  , the scenery is mediocre — nothing to compare with the other two famous "heavenly lakes", in Xinjiang autonomous region and Jilin province. But the fish caught here is fresh and delicious. The lakes are about 20 km from the county town. After dinner, we drive about half an hour to Dongzhai township and check into a hotel near the entrance of Mount Luya National Forest Park. The next morning, I find our hotel to be part of a recreational area that is still under construction. At this moment, it is a little noisy and dirty. The gate of the forest park is newly completed and quite big. The good thing: There is no admission fee yet. The road winding into the forest park is in excellent condition. And it is certainly a surprise to find mature secondary coniferous forests, with tall spruce and pine trees, in an area near the Loess Plateau and in the province known for its rich resources of coal. With the forests, everything becomes pleasant. The river is clear  Rick Leonard Womens Jersey  , flowers are blossoming, birds are chirping and the air is refreshing. After a half-hour drive, we arrive at Wannian Ice Cave. The admission is 120 yuan ($20) per person, which is not surprising but disappointing. So is the LED screen, with the Chinese name of the cave, on top of a slippery cement tunnel that leads down to the entrance at the bottom of a sheer cliff. A circuit with wooden steps leads visitors to explore the ice cave. It's like walking into a refrigerator — you feel the icy coldness even before you see the ice. Yes, there is ice, a lot of it. On walls  Tre'Quan Smith Womens Jersey  , on steps, on railings, hanging down from the ceiling like swords, and growing up from the ground like bamboo shoots. The steps wind down to the cave, which has three levels open to visitors.  Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys     Cheap Adidas NHL Shirts     Cheap College Hoodies     Cheap Baseball Hoodies     Cheap College Hats     Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping     Cheap Authentic Jerseys     Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys     Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping     Wholesale NHL Jerseys