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Content: With Internet increasingly growing in technological capability [url=][/url] , the threat of onlinecyber-attacks is on the rise. The increasing incidence of crimes on social media networks such as black mailing, online threats, stalking, cyber bullying, hacking [url=]Cheap Air Max China[/url] , frauds 鈥?all has become a great concern among companies and individuals alike. There arises the increasing need for Cyber Security. It is practice of protecting of internet connected systems, network, hardware, software and the data stored within. Oman has played a crucial role in the fight against cyber-crimes. As per a recent report on cyber security claims, Gulf and Middle East are among the top destinations targeted by cyber criminals. According to the Global Cybersecurity Index [url=]Cheap Nike Air Max Mens[/url] , Oman is the most cyber secure country in the Arab world. Different Types Of Cyber Attacks 鈥?Denial-of-service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks 鈥?Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack 鈥?Phishing and spear phishing attacks 鈥?Drive-by attack 鈥?Password attack 鈥?SQL injection attack 鈥?Cross-site scripting (XSS) attack 鈥?Eavesdropping attack To ensure cyber security in Oman, different regulations and frameworks have been put in place, several campaigns are conducting towards preventing online threats, such as fraud and Internet scams, and also mitigate the possible casualties that may arise out of such an event. Cyber Attack Prevention with Awareness Training Cyber-crimes and attacks have been growing across key sectors such as financial services [url=]Cheap Nike Air Max Womens[/url] , oil & gas, construction, government, and safeguard your businesses from hackers and digital threats, it is essential to implement effective strategies to successfully secure digital information. 鈥?Security awareness training 鈥?Ongoing cyber awareness education 鈥?Awareness on latest cyber attacks and how to prevent These awareness training programs paves the way to understand the need for modern cybersecurity protocols [url=]Cheap Air Max Mens[/url] , importance of upgrading cybersecurity protocols, the importance of staying updated with recent technologies such as Blockchain, AI & IoT and its role in Cybersecurity. More efforts are needed in this critical area. If you or your organization faces any cybersecurity problems, make sure to consult experts in the field. It is important to plan ahead to prepare, protect and recover from a cyber attackers. ICT experts in Oman can provide support and assistance to prevent your worst nightmares from happening. More About the Author Mubarak Al-Hadadi 鈥?Authorized expert at the Ministry Of Justice (Communication and Information Technology). Serving as an arbitrator [url=]Cheap Air Max Womens[/url] , ICT expert, Cyber Security Consultant, and Digital Forensic Investigator. With over 2 decades of experience, Eng. Mubarak Al-Hadadi provides services in areas such as technical advisory in front of courts, public prosecution and attorney [url=]Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes[/url] , ICT advocacy offices, International companies and individuals in communication and information technology crimes. 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