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Content: Regain Your Virginity With The Help of Hymenoplasty Posted On : Dec-02-2011 | seen (98) times | Article Word Count : 547 | Virginity is something which has its own importance. It is sacred for someone and a normal body part for someone else. In some of the cultures [url=]Rigoberto Beltran Mexico Jersey[/url] , people consider it necessary to be present before marriage. Virginity is something which has its own importance. It is sacred for someone and a normal body part for someone else. In some of the cultures, people consider it necessary to be present before marriage. These days it is very common that people lose their virginity at an early stage. However [url=]Nick Leyva Mexico Jersey[/url] , it has been seen that the trend has been reversed these days. People are trying to regain their virginity with the help of science. The technique which is used to regain the virginity or at times known as hymen repair is hymenoplasty. Whenever a person involves in intercourse, the hymen get disrupted resulting in loss of virginity. It is not always that hymen break due to intercourse [url=]Edgar Gonzalez Mexico Jersey[/url] , these days people are indulging in lots of physical exercises which at times become reason of breakage of hymen and loss of virginity. Hymenoplasty is nothing but repairing of the hymen which is present at the vaginal opening. It is not all women in the world which indulge in the act of Hymenoplasty. Whenever a person wishes to indulge in Hymenplasty, she must consult the doctor immediately. Research has shown that there are basically three kinds of women who are indulged in Hymenoplasty. These are: * The women who are culturally and religiously bound 鈥?there are certain religion in the world which considers that virginity should not be loosed before marriage and if done it is considered as a sin. * Those women who have lost their virginity due to certain tragic happening in their lives such as rape [url=]Japhet Amador Mexico Jersey[/url] , sexual ill treatment etc; * Another kind of women that need to indulge in Hymenoplasty are those women who are in relationship for long and wants to gift there would be husband with no virginity loss. Thus, mainly these kinds of women who normally indulge in Hymenoplasty. The duration of conducting Hymenoplasty depends upon the doctor. It is not a surgery which takes place for long duration. It is short treatment which is normally for an about 30-45 minutes. The stiches which are used during the treatment generally take 8 weeks to dissolve completely. Cost Of Hymenoplasty The cost of Hymenoplasty can be high for someone and low for another one depending upon her financial status. Normally the price ranges between $2 [url=]Alex Verdugo Mexico Jersey[/url] ,500 and $6,000 (USD). Type of hymen repair There are various types of Hymen repair treatment available. Such as: * Simple Hymenoplasty: in this kind of treatment the tear portion of the hymen is joined together by piecing it together. In this the hymen tissue is pulled in order to close the vagina. There is no symptoms that generate after the surgery that is infection or fever. * Alloplant: it is done when the abovementioned technique is not applicable. In this a tear is inserted which behaves like a Hymen Repair. Though the treatment of Hymenoplasty is very simple but still it is advisable to undergo the treatment of Hymenoplasty by some experienced physician in order to get everything well and on time. The doctor must have performed the treatment before also to get the accuracy. 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