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Watch SuperBowl Online Sports Articles | November 8, 2011 Over the past 40 years the Super Bowl has grown in scope and popularity to become a multi-billion dollar multi media spectacular and the United State?s most watched television program every year. Watch Super Bowl live stream online. ? The Super Bowl is an annual American football game that determines the champion of the National Football League (NFL). The contest is held in an American city that is chosen three to four years beforehand [url=]Cheap Jamal Adams Jersey[/url] , usually in warm-weather or domed sites. ? Watch SuperBowl Online. Since 1971, the winner of the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game has faced the winner of the National Football Conference (NFC) Championship Game in the culmination of the NFL playoffs. ? Watch Super Bowl Online. Over the past 40 years the Super Bowl has grown in scope and popularity to become a multi-billion dollar multi media spectacular and the United State?s most watched television program every year. From thrilling half time performances from some of America?s biggest musical talents to million dollar commercial spots that are often nearly as anticipated as the game?s final score the Super Bowl Sunday has evolved as an epic occasion. Watch Super Bowl 2012 Online. Super Bowl XLVI will be the 46th annual edition of the Super Bowl in American football, and the 42nd annual championship game of the modern-era National Football League (NFL). ? 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