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Content: Before starting having problems  Lassana Diarra Jersey  , Tylenol was the most successful over-the-counter product in the US with more than one hundred million users. The popular pain reliever Tylenol is found in most over the counter and prescription medications. However, Tylenol overdose tends to be the most common cause of acute liver failure. Tylenol, which is an uber successful product, has been recalled more than once. The first recall happened in 1982 after seven people died from having cyanide-laced extra-strengthen Tylenol. In 2012, Johnson and Johnson suffered a massive recall when it recalled thousands of bottles of Tylenol  Kylian Mbappe Jersey  , which involved removing 500,000 bottles of infant Tylenol because of having dosing problems. The recall applied to a one-ounce bottle of grape flavored infants Tylenol oral suspension (Reuters, 2012). Johnson & Johnson recalled its supply of infants Tylenol after complaints from parents about problems with a new dosing system. The major problem with the recall involved the new bottle design that was intended to prevent any accidental ingestion and also ensure accurate doses. However, when the parents inserted the syringe to the bottle, some accidentally pushed a protective cover inside. With the recall of the product  Kevin Trapp Jersey  , the company has been looking for alternative means to redesign the dosing system (Reuters, 2012). With the effort of improving the design, the company has changed the design so as to make it easy to get the dose right and also to limit the spillage when the bottle is knocked over. The first recall of Tylenol happened in 1982 and with this recall; it completely changed the policy of packaging. The tragic incident that involved the poisoning of multiple Chicago residents due to the adulterated Tylenol capsules led to the new tamper-resistant packaging regulations, which some are still in place today. After the Tylenol tragedy, the FDA established new packaging guidelines. The incident resulted in the manufacturer and packer who package an OTC product to package the product in a tamper-evident package (Jarrell  Kevin Rimane Jersey  , 2013). With the issue of the FDA regulations, mot major pharmaceutical manufacturers started the process of implementing a means of tamper resistance or the tamper evident packaging. The tamper resistance standards tend to establish a level of security which does protect the consumer and also affords the manufacturer some protection. In conforming to the federal regulations, the producer tends to establish the intent to package its product responsibly by the accepted standard and helps protect companies against them product liability claims of negligence in packaging. The medical packaging industry has been evolving over the years. The industry has been using the most reliable and speedy packaging solutions that tend to deliver a combination of product protection, tamper evidence, quality  Julian Draxler Jersey  , security needs, and patient comfort (Shahi, 2013). The packaging industry is changing as we currently are using technology so as to ensure that there is no tampering of medicines. There is anti-counterfeiting technology, RFID, packaging designs  Juan Bernat Jersey  , holograms, coding, printing and graphics which all aim at ensuring safe packaging or medicine products. The changes in pharmaceutical industry research and the manufacturing technology have greatly resulted in significant developments in packaging (Shahi, 2013). However, with the advance in material science  Jese Jersey  , the industry does expect cleaner and safe packaging methods. As the pharmaceutical research continues to advance, the systems used to package and administer will keep pace with the advances in material science and the innovative design. 鈥?br > Reference Jarrell, K (2013). Tylenol and Tamper-Resistant Packaging Reuters, (2012). Johnson & Johnson Recalls Infants鈥?Tylenol. Zadbuke, N Padalkar  Giovani Lo Celso Jersey  , A Gulecha, B & Shahi, S (2013). Recent trends and the future of pharmaceutical packaging technology. J Pharm Bioallied 5(2) Sherry Roberts is the author of this paper. A senior editor at Melda Research in best essay services online if you need a similar paper you can place your order for a custom research paper from college research paper services. 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