Subject: How does activated carbon treat wastewater
Content: Activated carbon is currently the most widely used adsorbent in the water purification industry, and industrial sewage treatment carbon is mainly used in large-scale water purification facilities, such as sewage treatment plants and water plants and many other industries.  powdered activated carbon wastewater treatment   Coal-based water purification activated carbon It can prevent water pollution and wastewater treatment.   Industrial sewage treatment charcoal is a kind of activated carbon specially used for deep purification of sewage water. Water purification is to use the porous solid surface of activated carbon to adsorb and remove various organic and harmful substances in the water, so that the water body can be thoroughly purified. Industrial sewage treatment charcoal is suitable for the deep purification of domestic water and industrial wastewater. It can also effectively remove harmful substances such as odor, chlorine, cyanide, and various heavy metal ions in various wastewater. In the treatment of advanced purification of industrial sewage, suitable activated carbon should be selected for treatment according to the actual situation, which can improve the efficiency of treatment, which is also the most effective way to save water purification.   For example, industrial wastewater containing acetophenone, methyl ethyl ketone, acetoxime, hydroxyacetone, etc. can be treated with industrial wastewater treatment charcoal for adsorption treatment. The acetone-containing wastewater, the factory wastewater that uses the cumene method to manufacture acetone, can be used to remove impurities such as acetone with activated carbon under the condition of ph ≥ 9, and COD can be removed in a larger temperature range. Activated carbon made from brewery dregs by potassium hydroxide activation method has a higher specific surface area and a larger adsorption capacity for benzene and acetone. The above several kinds of wastewater can be treated with industrial sewage treatment carbon. Activated carbon is refined by physical activation method. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and has well-developed pores. bulk activated carbon  It does not contain dissolved substances in water that have an adverse effect on water quality. The filtration speed is fast, With strong adsorption capacity, it can deeply purify water, especially COD and other harmful substances in industrial wastewater. With the help of industrial sewage treatment charcoal in wastewater treatment, it can efficiently purify the toxic and harmful substances in the water and make our environment more beautiful.