Subject: Is activated alumina powder toxic?
Content: Alumina powder is the main component of brown corundum and white corundum. Its quality determines the quality of corundum abrasives to a large extent. wholesale aluminium oxide  Not only that, high-temperature calcined alumina powder has a wide range of uses. So, is alumina powder poisonous?   To know whether activated alumina powder itself is toxic, let's first understand its properties, production process and raw material properties.   Activated alumina powder (AI2O3) is mainly made of industrial aluminum hydroxide powder by drying, crushing, roasting and pelletizing. No additives and chemical components are added during the production process. Aluminium hydroxide (Aluminium hydroxide), chemical formula Al(OH)3, is aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide can react with acid to form salt and water, and also with strong base to form salt and water. Therefore, it is also an amphoteric hydroxide and a non-toxic and odorless powder material.   Therefore, the toxicity of activated alumina powder is as follows:   Ingestion: Low risk, easy to cause Alzheimer's disease, and damage children's intelligence. Inhalation: May cause irritation or lung damage. Skin: Low risk. Eyes: low risk.