Subject: What are the types of nutshell activated carbon
Content: There are many types of nutshell activated carbon, and the raw materials used in different producing areas are also different. Currently, there are many raw materials that can be used to make shell activated carbon.  powdered carbon bulk    Nutshell activated carbon made of different raw materials has different internal structures and characteristics, and its application scope and effects are also slightly different.   We should know that nut shell activated carbon is not a single activated carbon made of shell, but a kind of activated carbon, such as coconut shell activated carbon, walnut shell activated carbon, apricot shell activated carbon, date shell activated carbon, etc., all belong to shell activated carbon. Generally speaking, different shells have different characteristics, so activated carbon products are slightly different.   For example, the natural pore structure of the shell is very good, after carbonization and activation treatment, it can produce good adsorption effect. Of course, the specific surface area of the shell activated carbon is different, and the adsorption capacity is different. Shell activated carbon has good adsorption capacity for residues, some can be used to adsorb certain suspended matter, and some can be used to adsorb chemicals.   In the selection of raw materials, raw materials from different sources are also different, which is related to the source and cost of the raw materials. For example, coconut shell is a key raw material for producing shell activated carbon in Japan, Britain, Vietnam and Thailand. In China, due to the wide variety of fruit trees, as long as they have a certain degree of toughness, they can be used as raw materials for shell activated carbon. For example, coconuts, almonds, walnuts, walnuts, walnuts, dates.   However, the characteristics of activated carbon produced from different raw materials are also different. activated carbon pellets for sale  Of course, some activated carbons are not good. When choosing nutshell activated carbon, you should choose different types of nutshell activated carbon according to your needs and uses. Pay attention to the quality of nutshell activated carbon. Only the quality of nutshell activated carbon can achieve a satisfactory adsorption treatment effect.