Subject: What is silicon carbide
Content: The scientific name of brown corundum emery silicon carbide is made by heating brown corundum and silicon carbide in an electric furnace. The density is 3.06 ~ 3.20, and the hardness is very high, about 9 Mohs. Generally, it is powdery particles.   After grinding, it can be used as grinding powder, polishing paper, and friction surface of grinding wheel and whetstone.  aluminium oxide    This product is made of various artificial, natural, and smelted ore of brown corundum abrasives as raw materials, refined according to modern technology. The product is self-sharpening, high in grinding efficiency, low in sand consumption, and good in finish.   Brown corundum emery features: this abrasive has a shell-like fracture, moderate hardness, good toughness, and sharp corners. It can form new corners and edges during continuous crushing and classification, making its grinding ability better than other abrasives.   With high hardness, high specific gravity, stable chemical properties and unique self-sharpening advantages, it has the irreplaceable advantages of other brown corundum polishing sands.  hsl abrasive     It is used in the free grinding of kinescopes, optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, lenses, watch glass, crystal glass, jade, etc.