Subject: What are the functions of coal activated carbon
Content: The role of coal columnar activated carbon is mainly used to adsorb harmful gases, filter out insolubles, and adsorb some soluble substances.  activated charcoal wholesale australia   Coal columnar activated carbon is mainly manufactured through a series of processes such as carbonization, washing, cooling, and activation.   1. For air purification, it can absorb harmful gases in the air. For example, the newly renovated house contains a lot of harmful gases such as formaldehyde, which can be used for impurity removal and deodorization.   2. Coal-based columnar activated carbon is mostly used in industry, wastewater treatment, waste gas treatment, domestic water purification, etc., which is what we call sewage treatment. Coal-based columnar activated carbon has good adsorption capacity and can adsorb pollutants.   3. For those who like to raise fish, it should be well understood that coal-based columnar activated carbon can be used to filter fish feces and other debris, creating a clean and good environment for the fish.   4. The application in the water treatment industry is mostly used in the tap water industry for tap water purification, purified water, beverage production, etc.   5.  Coal-based columnar activated carbon is used for decolorization, purification, desulfurization and denitration. yrd carbon  Coal-based columnar activated carbon is our industrial desulfurization and denitration catalyst and catalyst carrier.