Subject: Concert truss
Content: Shizhan Group is a guangzhou truss stage equipment factory . The company adheres to the principle of "Pioneering, Innovating, and Enterprising" with honesty and quality. Willing to make the greatest contribution to the prosperity of the motherland’s spiritual civilization, has been engaged in stage equipment production and research for more than 30 years, formerly known as "Jiangyan Nanyang Stage Equipment Factory in Jiangyan City, Jiangsu Province". The company is a professional company engaged in research, design, manufacturing, installation, and debugging of stage machinery, curtains, lighting, and sound engineering. It is an earlier and larger stage equipment manufacturer in China. The company relies on the unremitting efforts of all employees and the support and cooperation of all sectors of society in the field of professional stage. Especially in the stage machinery part, many new ideas and methods have been advocated and implemented. The concert truss equipment produced by the company has been sold to 25 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. It is equipped with more than 1,000 domestic theaters, theaters, cultural centers, halls, auditoriums, clubs, gymnasiums, studios, song and dance halls and other cultural performance venues. Our company's business mainly involves design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and technical consultation, training, maintenance and repair in the fields of stage machinery, curtains, lighting, sound reinforcement, audio and video, and multimedia technology. The company can provide technology, consulting, planning, system integration and comprehensive product services according to customer requirements, and provide customers with all-round support based on strong market sales and engineering services.