Subject: Advanced SMS Platform (ASMSP)
Content: Advanced SMS Platform (ASMSP) Secrets of effective SMS mailing. In SMS mailings, it is important to observe a certain etiquette. Since the message somehow invades the recipient's personal space, it should be composed carefully and carefully. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing the trust of the audience and going to spam. Let's look at a few key rules that will help you create a high-quality productive message. SMS gateway software from Intis Telecom. Don't be faceless. The sender's field should contain not the number, but the name of the online store. Who wants to respond to a message from an unknown person? Register and enter the alpha-name in Latin letters in the SMS sending service. Specify the brand name in the version in which customers are used to seeing it. Too long names can be replaced with clear abbreviations, an easily recognizable part of a word/phrase, or the site address. If the name is chosen incorrectly, the client will not understand where to contact him, even if the offer is super-profitable. Therefore, always duplicate the brand name and the link in the text itself. Speak briefly and to the point. The main essence of the advertising message in almost every case can be compressed to 1-2 sentences. This is the optimal length of the SMS, in which you need to invest a completed thought. If the number of characters in the text goes beyond 70 (for Cyrillic), the recipient's attention will quickly dissipate and the money for sending will be wasted. At the same time, it is impossible to sacrifice punctuation marks and spaces, not to finish or not to reflect the meaning at all. In messages about promotions, be sure to mention what they are. When offering discounts, talk about the specific amount of a possible bonus. The message should be relevant and interesting to the user. Before working on the text, study the customer base and carefully select the conditions for targeting.