Subject: Exante Broker Review
Content: Exante Broker Review Registration and opening of a single brokerage account in Exante. Exante is probably the only investment company in the world that makes it possible to trade a huge number of instruments from one account. Available financial instruments: stocks; bonds; derivatives; funds; currency; ETF; cryptocurrency; precious metals. Reviews on stock market broker EXANTE A single account often pleases customers, you can find a sufficient number of positive reviews on the web (and almost none negative) regarding the convenience of a single account. An example of such a review: How to open an account: Register on "Exante". Upload the necessary documents. You will need: a certificate of registration and a passport. Deposit the initial amount to the account (at least 10 thousand euros). There are usually no difficulties when opening an account. Customers note the speed and lack of problems. The main drawback here is the high down payment. For some traders, 10,000 euros is an unaffordable amount. Very often, this fact is a good reason to refuse to open an account. Separately, I would like to note the fact that the broker does not have subsidiaries. All clients, regardless of their country of residence and citizenship, conclude an agreement with only one company that operates in the European Union. This fact is an undoubted advantage, compared, for example, with some Russian brokers who offer to conclude an agreement with a foreign subsidiary in order to trade in foreign markets.