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How to drive away villagers in New Horizons?
Posted On 08/06/2021 04:13:45 by Seysmeattat

Animal Crossing Villagers is an important part of the game in New Horizons. We invite villagers to come to the island is a time-consuming and Nook Miles Tickets thing. But what is helpless is that these guys with different personalities are good and bad, and we must understand how to get rid of some dislike and useless guys.

Stop talking with them for a week. We need to make it feel unwelcome. It may call you, but don't communicate with them in any way. Generally, a week later,... Read More

Gulliver glitch in New Horizons
Posted On 05/06/2021 03:42:22 by Seysmeattat

Gulliver is a villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons. She is always naughty and cute in a blue dress. However, the weather is unpredictable. With the game being updated once a month, some unexpected errors have also appeared. After the recent wedding season event update, Gulliver seems to be playing hide and seek with players.

Before the update, Gulliver always continued his own affairs in places where everyone knows. But now players find that Gulliver seems to be reluctant to... Read More

Do you want to get these ACNH Items?
Posted On 04/06/2021 07:01:46 by Seysmeattat

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been around for a year and a half, and players already have their own islands. We can obtain Animal Crossing Bells through some primitive activities, but the ultimate goal is still for the items we need. Are the following items what you want?

Harvey's fences

Harvey's fences include the most requested item locally. Currently, there won't be any fence customization options and players can just use some in-game fences. Thus, Harvey's fences a... Read More

Thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Posted On 03/06/2021 03:56:04 by Seysmeattat

Nintendo Switch should thank Animal Crossing: New Horizons! After four years, its sales reached 20 million units. Since the game was released, it has been at the forefront of the physical sales list in the UK. Its popularity is obvious, and Nintendo has ushered in an increase.

The interest in Nintendo Switch consoles is increasing daily. Furthermore, the rumors regarding the upcoming Nintendo Switch console that may rival the new-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S have excited... Read More

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Manga
Posted On 01/06/2021 04:10:38 by Seysmeattat

Viz released a comic-style picture a few days ago. Everyone who has seen it knows that this is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Animal Crossing: New Horizons comics were previously only produced in Japan. In mid-September this year, players in the Western world will be able to buy comics adapted by the publisher VIZ Media.

While companion manga for Animal Crossing games is already part of the franchise history for a time... Read More

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