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The principle of activated carbon filtration
Posted On 25/11/2020 06:29:37 by dingxinda9

The adsorption capacity of wanyang Activated carbon has a certain relationship with water temperature and water quality. The higher the water temperature, the stronger the adsorption capacity of Activated carbon; if the water temperature is higher than 30°C, the adsorption capacity reaches the limit and may gradually decrease. When the water quality is acidic, the adsorpti... Read More

The effect of activated carbon for water purification
Posted On 25/11/2020 06:28:10 by dingxinda9

Activated carbon for water purification uses high-quality coconut shells, walnut shells, apricot shells, peach shells, and coal as raw materials. It is refined through a series of production processes.coal based Activated carbon manufacturer It has a black granular appearance, developed pore structure, large specific surface area, and strong adsorption performance. The layer yin... Read More

What is activated carbon? What are its classifications?
Posted On 25/11/2020 06:26:53 by dingxinda9

According to the different raw materials of Activated carbon, Activated carbon can be divided into:


(1) Wood charcoal: It can be divided into charcoal (made from wood chips as raw material), bamboo charcoal (made from bamboo as raw material), nut shell charcoal (made from walnut shell or apricot kernel as raw material), coconut shell charcoal ( Made from coconut shell), coconut shell charcoal or fruit shell charcoal is c... Read More

Carbonization and activation of activated carbon
Posted On 18/11/2020 05:45:56 by dingxinda9

Activated carbon products have strong practicability and various types, which are welcomed by Everbright manufacturers and consumers. activated carbon powder Before the number of Activated carbon in the market is calculated, there is a big gap in the scale, shape and use of different types of Activated carbon. Why are the differences in the scale, shape and use of Activated carbon?


In the production process, th... Read More

What determines the service life of honeycomb activated carbon?
Posted On 18/11/2020 05:44:50 by dingxinda9

When purchasing honeycomb Activated carbon, is the adsorption capacity or service life of honeycomb Activated carbon considered first? In fact, there is no conflict between the adsorption capacity and service life of honeycomb Activated carbon. Let's talk about what determines the adsorption capacity and service life of honeycomb Activated carbon?


Many people will think that the higher the price of Activated carbon honey... Read More

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