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How To Indicate The Level Of Winding Wire
Posted On 12/01/2021 07:44:19 by xiuweetime

γ€€winding wire level refers to the use of pinyin letters (or Latin) English letters and one or more data to indicate the number of products such as Aluminum profiles and carbide tools that are different in shape and type.

Indication of enameled wire level:
γ€€γ€€1, mark No.:
γ€€γ€€ (1) series product number: enameled winding composition: Q paper packaging winding wire: Z
γ€€γ€€ (2) Conductor material: copper conductor: T (omit) Aluminum conductor: L
γ€€γ€€ (3) Insulat... Read More

Round Enameled Aluminum Wire Is Easy To Solder
Posted On 05/01/2021 03:03:08 by xiandenggaoke

Round Enameled Aluminum Wire provides many advantages for electrical appliances. Enameled wire, also known as magnet wire, basically refers to coated Aluminum or copper wire. This thin insulating layer makes it useful for building transformers, motors, inductors, hard disk drives, speakers, electromagnets, etc. Enameled Aluminum wire is mainly used in motors and transformers because the insulating layer is made of harder polymer materials instead of enameled wires. Beca... Read More

Aluminum PCB
Posted On 31/12/2020 03:41:54 by MayNa

Aluminum PCBs contains dielectric metal substrates and bonded copper circuit layers that produce excellent heat transfer, helping to chill components while eliminating problems associated with the management of fragile ceramics.

Aluminum PCB... Read More

Classification Of Oem Aluminum Enclosure
Posted On 23/12/2020 03:47:00 by weilong

You may not know the terminology of OEM Aluminum enclosure , but you may know some terms, such as charger housing and adapter housing. Today, I will tell you some classifications and introductions of OEM Aluminum chassis.

Charger Aluminum shell This is the charger shell of the wall socket. The interface is a line card type and is welded with large screws. The pin material can be copper or iron. It can have or without light holes, making preparations very conveni... Read More

Existing Application Fields Of Enameled Aluminum Wire
Posted On 22/12/2020 02:14:40 by xiandenggaoke

The current application fields of enameled Aluminum wire mainly include:

All kinds of large, medium, and small transformers; Inductance, electromagnetic coil;

Soldering instructions: When soldering, the soldering iron tip should be as close as possible to the main body to be soldered, and then the solder wire is sent to the soldering iron tip to melt the solder and complete the soldering. Welding effect); For the welding of enameled Aluminum wire and copper wire (or alu... Read More

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